Teen Way Off Broadway

For roughly the past decade, I have been on staff for Teen Way Off Broadway. We put on a one-act musical with about twenty-five high schoolers comprising the cast and crew. We do auditions Monday morning and perform for one thousand people Friday evening.

As a facilitating adult, I have stage managed, choreographed, and since 2018, co-directed and co-written along with Lindsay Bennett-Jacobs.

This all happens as part of SUUSI, an all ages summer camp.

TWOB: An American Musical (2021)

We finally took on Hamilton.

SUUM: the 2020 Story

We scrapped our existing script outline after in-person SUUSI was canceled, and scrambled to write a script that would resonate with the moment and could be produced as a prerecorded video.

Westley and Buttercup (2019)

An ode to SUUSI Nature Staff and SUUSI friendships inspired by The Princess Bride.

It’s a Wonderful SUUSI (2018)

It’s a Wonderful Life provided a jumping off point to express our appreciation for everyone who makes SUUSI happen.